Holee Krap a Poast

2013-03-08 02:11:42 by Zombiefrog

Haha so i guess i ought to post something since it's been a while. I've been playing with ableton more, it's a fantastic program to work with, hooo shyt the speed i can work. coming from lmms (a powerful but limited program...) i'm pretty stoked to see a quick learning curve. anyways, i hope the new throbbage is hard inducing, n many heads bob to the most recent toast.

Holee Krap a Poast

New Tunage

2012-03-25 17:46:18 by Zombiefrog

So after some deliberation i decided to produce lofi versions of the tracks n put 'em up for download. These aren't finished yet, still got a couple months' worth of work on these and the next few.

So far the "album" order goes:


Anyways, there should be more on the way soon.



About "Yeah."

2011-02-24 16:56:33 by Zombiefrog

So the file was lost due to corruption. I rewrote the song by ear and memory as best i could but it's still different (i changed a few things as well). new version bumps pretty hard anyways, so i might post it here i might not.